a] 10.30am St. Hilda's

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Most Sundays this is the Parish Eucharist, lasting until about 11.40pm.  We normally have about 25-35 adults and about 5-10 children, with thoughtful preaching, cheerful hymn singing, bouncy children, and heartfelt prayer.  The children's Sunday Club meet upstairs, and join the service in time for the eucharist.

On one Sunday each month (usually the second Sunday of the month - check the calendar page of this website), we don't have a eucharist.  Instead, we celebrate 2gether 2worship, a service in which we all worship together, whatever our age.  Our music is provided by our associate Minister, children help lead the worship, the sermon is child-friendly, and we finish at about 11:20am.  2gether 2worship usually has 30-40 adults and 10-20 children.

After every 10.30am service, of whatever kind, most of us stay behind for tea, coffee, squash, biscuits and a chat!

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