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Being a Christian is about travelling on a life-long journey with Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

It is about the joyful discovery that God is real, that we are each loved by God and that we can know his presence in our lives.

He travels with us in our joys and our sorrows, and helps us to grow into the people that he created us to be.

God has shown us himself in many ways - nature, history, religious people.

Best of all he has shown us what he is like in Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived, died and rose again to show us God’s love in a world which is broken by evil and human selfishness, and save us from the wreckage.

Jesus calls each of us to “take up our cross and follow” him on the way of faith.

A Christian is a person Baptised, “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

Christianity should be expressed in worship with other Christians, in growing in personal prayer and Bible study, and a willingness to try and live out our faith in words and actions - though we often fail in all these things.

Being a Christian is an active, joyful and growing relationship with God and other people - a relationship of faith which is his gift to us.  To explore more, try
www.rejesus.co.uk - or just show up for church one day, and ask to speak to one of the ministry team.